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Saturday, December 02, 2006

are u tired of all those scam sites offering thousands of bucks and ultimately turning out to be fake?

You maybe anyone, a total novice to earning online or someone frustrated with the uncountable scam sites that are just like our politicians, promising everything and giving nothing.

But as you have come across this page, I assume that you have genuine interest in making some money online by doing some work at your leisure time.

But I make it very clear here that the ways I am gonna show you will earn you only pocket money, I can show you a way to build a career out of these,but that will require real hard work.

Most of the sites that promise great money like thousands of bucks for one hour of work are mostly fake. I have not come across a single such site that is genuine. You can surely earn lots of money online but for that you have to do that much of hard-work and some investment.

but i am not gonna spend a single buck except the internet service and electricity bill and will tell you about those things only that does not ask for a single penny,cos you know that in cyber-world every good thing comes at a price but you would get the better thing for free. Windows comes at a hefty price but linux is free..

Even after saying all these, I must assure you that the money earned can be like say some thing around four to five thousand bucks per month for one hour of work daily, and more if you work more; the secret being that most of the sites will pay in US dollars, and the exchange rate of US dollars is still high.

So from my next post onwards I will be giving information about genuine sites and some tips and tricks collected from my personal experience. See you.