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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

emperor of ads:google adsense

Now basically i have started this blog to earn something using google adsense.

What Is Adsense?
by google is the advertisement service of can see adsense on most of the sites now-a-days. those ads by google on those sites are the lifeline for those sites.their main source of revenue is adsense.u too can harness this ads jaggernaut.

What Is Your Task?
At first you open up an account with any blogging site for free (remember my no-investment mantra). you can choose or or or any other.
the blog should be something that you are really interested in like photography or travelling or anything under the sun but you should have some real interest in that,otherwise you may not be able to offer good posts and in the process you wont be able to attract people to your blog sites.

for useful information on help in blogging and getting traffic see my other posts.

Then you open an account with google adsense.
permission from google to show their ads on ur site will come in one or two need to check ur mails for that .when u get it you go ahead and copy paste the code given to you by google on your whenever any one opens ur site or clicks on those ads it ads to ur earning that you can check out anytime in your google account.

How Much Will You Earn?
It depends upon the traffic u r getting i mean the no.of people visiting ur blog,clicking on your ads,and the type of ads u r getting.their minimum payout is hundred dollars means they will send ur check only when ur earning crosses hundred dollars.with a good blog with good material its a lucrative option but its no get-rich-quick-scheme,u have to work really hard in the initial days.

the ads will be contextual i.e it will depend upon ur blog content.writing about blogs on high paying keywords like banking,investment,insurance,loans etc may fetch u high paying ads but without good material u will be unable to attract traffic,simply putting ads will earn u nothing if no one sees that.
And never try to cheat google by clicking on ur own ads, clicking from other computers, asking others to click on ur ads etc will see ur account get terminated in no read very carefully the terms and conditions of google adsense.

In India one of the best blogs with adsense on it is Digital Inspiration,another site westen30 also may be helpful.

Happy Adsensing.

a genuine money earning

Now, this one is for starters….

After much let-downs with innumerable scam sites I found out this genuine site:


To earn money from this site you have to discuss about various topics available, start your own discussions, response to other discussions and you can also earn some money from referrals. But don’t think of it as other multi-level-marketing (MLM) sites where you have to get lots of referrals. Here referral is not the thing that gets your main earning.


The link to this site with my reference is

You can directly go to site if you wish to but if u go there by clicking on this link I get some credit for bringing you while you don’t lose anything.


If you are still wondering how this site gives you money just for discussing and gossiping, here lies the answer. This site has got google adsense ads on each of its pages.the more u discuss and the more you view their pages, the more money they get from google adsense ads. And they give you a part of that earning.


They pay through paypal or ikobo. So at first you should go to and make an account if you don’t have one.later when you earn some money then you can ask paypal to transfer the money to your bank account.

Here the minimum payout is 10 dollars. But the earning is a bit slow, per response you may get one or two cents on average. But if lots of people respond to your discussion then you can earn real fast. You can check your earning within twenty-four hours as it is updated on daily basis.


The secret is to post discussions that attracts the mass. Observe the pattern of questions that gets most responses and try out some interesting innovation on your part.

While responding to other’s discussions add some words from their discussions and in the tags add those words and also some words from your own answer.

Try to add high paying keywords like loans, insurance, investment etc on your discussions, but remember the key to success here is to raise crowd-puller topics. And don’t get disheartened by the initial low earning…you have to put in a bit of effort.

try to write a bit lengthier response than just one or two words.they count all that.

try to respond to the discussions with no responses as there the chances of getting a best response credit for your response are more which counts to your can get those discussions by going into 'more' section of the discussions..

you can earn by posting small images that are not can do this by adding images to your discussions which may attract other users.

feel free to ask more on this here…

wish you luck...

Saturday, December 02, 2006

are u tired of all those scam sites offering thousands of bucks and ultimately turning out to be fake?

You maybe anyone, a total novice to earning online or someone frustrated with the uncountable scam sites that are just like our politicians, promising everything and giving nothing.

But as you have come across this page, I assume that you have genuine interest in making some money online by doing some work at your leisure time.

But I make it very clear here that the ways I am gonna show you will earn you only pocket money, I can show you a way to build a career out of these,but that will require real hard work.

Most of the sites that promise great money like thousands of bucks for one hour of work are mostly fake. I have not come across a single such site that is genuine. You can surely earn lots of money online but for that you have to do that much of hard-work and some investment.

but i am not gonna spend a single buck except the internet service and electricity bill and will tell you about those things only that does not ask for a single penny,cos you know that in cyber-world every good thing comes at a price but you would get the better thing for free. Windows comes at a hefty price but linux is free..

Even after saying all these, I must assure you that the money earned can be like say some thing around four to five thousand bucks per month for one hour of work daily, and more if you work more; the secret being that most of the sites will pay in US dollars, and the exchange rate of US dollars is still high.

So from my next post onwards I will be giving information about genuine sites and some tips and tricks collected from my personal experience. See you.