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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

emperor of ads:google adsense

Now basically i have started this blog to earn something using google adsense.

What Is Adsense?
by google is the advertisement service of can see adsense on most of the sites now-a-days. those ads by google on those sites are the lifeline for those sites.their main source of revenue is adsense.u too can harness this ads jaggernaut.

What Is Your Task?
At first you open up an account with any blogging site for free (remember my no-investment mantra). you can choose or or or any other.
the blog should be something that you are really interested in like photography or travelling or anything under the sun but you should have some real interest in that,otherwise you may not be able to offer good posts and in the process you wont be able to attract people to your blog sites.

for useful information on help in blogging and getting traffic see my other posts.

Then you open an account with google adsense.
permission from google to show their ads on ur site will come in one or two need to check ur mails for that .when u get it you go ahead and copy paste the code given to you by google on your whenever any one opens ur site or clicks on those ads it ads to ur earning that you can check out anytime in your google account.

How Much Will You Earn?
It depends upon the traffic u r getting i mean the no.of people visiting ur blog,clicking on your ads,and the type of ads u r getting.their minimum payout is hundred dollars means they will send ur check only when ur earning crosses hundred dollars.with a good blog with good material its a lucrative option but its no get-rich-quick-scheme,u have to work really hard in the initial days.

the ads will be contextual i.e it will depend upon ur blog content.writing about blogs on high paying keywords like banking,investment,insurance,loans etc may fetch u high paying ads but without good material u will be unable to attract traffic,simply putting ads will earn u nothing if no one sees that.
And never try to cheat google by clicking on ur own ads, clicking from other computers, asking others to click on ur ads etc will see ur account get terminated in no read very carefully the terms and conditions of google adsense.

In India one of the best blogs with adsense on it is Digital Inspiration,another site westen30 also may be helpful.

Happy Adsensing.